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Webster Webfoot  accompanies Jimmy on all his speaking engagements. Your group will laugh,
cry and learn from Webster & Jimmy. Call today to book them for your next meeting.



Jimmy's Keynote Presentations:

Motivational--Go Get 'em Tiger

Sales--Selling with Humor

Supervision--Finding the Innovation & Enthusiasm You had as a Kid

Full-day seminar--The Leader in You

Jimmy is also Webster Webfoot. He had the first children's program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on WFAA-TV  in Dallas, Texas, which began a television career that spanned the next nineteen years across America.
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 still sez, "I'm only three ... but I'm tough!" Were you ever a guest on our show?  See Jimmy's bio
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His book ... "GO GET "EM, TIGER!" ... contains a step-by-step formula for success that anyone can easily follow to achieve their ultimate dream. The opening chapter ..."The Witnessed Murder" ... explains how a little seven year old boy saw his future unfold because of his wonderful mother! Learn how it was done.

Television & Movies

Jimmy's Clients Include:

Television Appearances: Webster Webfoot, Funny Boners, Dragnet, Dallas, The Fall Guy, Knight Rider, Waltons, Father Murphy, Rockford Files, B.J. & the Bear, Sheriff Lobo, SWAT, Family Holvak, Aloha Paradise, Oregon Trail and Halls of Ivy.

Television Voice: Yogi Bear Show, Huckleberry Hound Show, The Flintstones, Lucky Luke and many more.

Movies: Wrong Guys, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Giant, Stairway to Heaven, Portrait of a Rebel, Americathon, The Daughters of Joshua Cabe, The Phantom Planet.

AT&T, Rockwell, Boeing, Hughes, Rohr Industries, Teledyne, GTE, Farmers Insurance, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Starnet (San Diego), Hershey Business, Association of Govt Accountants, IGO (Independent Garage Owners), Nurserymen's Association, Auto Dealers Office Managers Association, Loral Instrumentation, Society of Die Casting Engineers, ABEX Corporation, Auto Dismantling Association, Budweiser Sales,  Auto Glass Dealers Association, Insurance Women of Arizona, American Business Women's Association, Orange County Purchasing Managers Association, Auto Recyclers of Michigan, Mitsubishi Bank, Lockheed Space Operations, AETNA Insurance Sales, CUNA Insurance Group, California Moving & Storage Association, Kern County Medical & Bar Association, Society of Plastics Industry, Credit Union League of California, Lear Astronics Mgnt Team, General Dynamics Electronics Division, IGA/Fleming Foods, Jack In The Box Franchisees, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers, American Cemetery Assn (Sales), ISUZU Sales, AG Women of California, Independent Bankers Convention, National Hardwood Association, American Petroleum Industry, Arrowhead Water Staff (Sales), Nat'l Association of Fire Fighters, Teledyne Ryan Electronics, Bakers of Southern California and Westinghouse (Washington)          

Jimmy Travels from Los Angeles, California.

Contact Jimmy for merchandising options that can offset part or all of your educational investment.

Uncle Jimmy Weldon & Webster Webfoot
5104 Ledge Ave.
Burbank, CA. 91505-2724

818-761-4767  Jimmy@jimmyweldon.com

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